“If ever a picture spoke a thousand words, then this telling shot from the Los Angeles Press Corps 1970 Halloween party held during the Tate-LaBianca trial is it. Here we see Vincent Bugliosi posing with his supposed adversary, Leslie Van Houten’s bearded and doomed attorney Ronald Hughes along with three of the most prominent reporters to cover the Manson trial, Linda Deutsch, Mary Neiswender (one of the first journalists to interview Manson and still in touch with him recently), and Sandi Mettetal, dressed as black-clad X-headed, leather thong-adorned defendants Atkins, Krenwinkel and Van Houten. That the prosecuting attorney and a defense attorney would celebrate in a fashion which seems to mock the murders with supposedly objective journalists at a party decorated with a paraphrase of Tex Watson’s supposed statement “I’m the devil here to do the devil’s business” and a dangling noose reminiscent of the Cielo Drive crime scene could have easily led to dismissal due to clear conflict of interests. If it was any other trial, this picture alone, had it been circulated to the public at the time, would have been damning to the careers of all concerned and could have even jeopardized the trial. But of course this was not any other trial! NS”

Photo from the blog of photographer Chuck Boyd – Bugliosi and his mouthpieces in the press celebrate their collaboration in the devil’s business PuTTY binary download , Halloween 1970.

Nikolas Schreck (Official)'s photo.

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