Nikolas Schreck London Lecture on Magic – 22 May 2018


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NIKOLAS SCHRECK TALK ON MAGIC – LONDON – MAY 22 2018 – Drawing on decades of practical experience and research into the ancient but forgotten art and science of magic, sorcery and theurgy (invocation of the gods), musician and author Nikolas Schreck provides an interactive teaching on how you can apply the theory and practice of magical practice to expanding your consciousness and changing your life circumstances. Dispelling the myths and fallacies about the misunderstood topic of magic Putty ISO download , Nikolas also provides participants with pragmatic techniques to focus and improve mental clarity and achieve real-life goals effectively.
Venue: Lighthouse, London
Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm

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  1. You are a facinating man intelligent and we’ll learned thank you for all your views and and enlightenment steve

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