New Exclusive Interview with NIKOLAS in DANGEROUS MINDS article on RADIO WEREWOLF’S Classic TV Battles with WALLY GEORGE

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From Christopher Bickle’s interview with Nikolas:

“DANGEROUS MINDS: It seems your appearance on Hot Seat is a masterful bit of what would be today called “trolling.” You never break character as you deliver patently absurd decrees with a confident, straight face. Was that difficult to maintain in front of such a hostile audience?

NIKOLAS SCHRECK: No, it wasn’t difficult, as I’d already trained myself in performance and in “real life” to keep a poker face under even more extreme situations than that. I accept your compliment in the spirit it’s offered, but a “troll”, in cyberspeak, is usually just some anonymous sadistic creep trying to provoke a reaction for the sake of it from the cowardly safety of a keyboard. I’d say there’s a big difference between that and personally confronting a hostile horde face to face. Also, there’s an implication of insincerity in “trolling” whereas those particular appearances were just slightly caricaturized exaggerations of the general beliefs I espoused at that time. In fact, what I said on Hot Seat was deliberately dumbed down and tamed for that particular crowd, who I didn’t consider capable of understanding the even more radical religio-magical views I held in 1987. As for breaking character, all of my work then and now has a certain measure of straight-faced black comedy to it, which you have to be on the same wavelength to “get.” From my current Tantric Buddhist perspective, there is no solid “character” under the shifting illusion we imagine to be a permanent self. ”