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On Politics & Ideology

I have mostly refused to interpret my music, preferring to allow listeners to come to their own conclusions. This has inevitably sparked some confusion. Despite several recent interviews I’ve granted detailing my apolitical stance, I notice that the current atmosphere of divisive partisan dualism  has led some to again project erroneous worldly political conceptions on my work. As clarification, perhaps it will be instructive to cite this Open Letter that Zeena and I released in June 1991 under the auspices of Radio Werewolf via Gymnastic Records, the record label who released our albums at that time. While the Radio Werewolf Operation ceased in 1993, the following statement still accurately represents my point of view:

“As there has been so much unfounded and misinformed controversy over Radio Werewolfs supposed ‘political’ beliefs, allow this statement to clearly present our personal opinion. Radio Werewolf is against all forms of politics, right, left, or middle. Politics has absolutely nothing to do with our music! Politics is the concern of the small-minded masses, who cannot see the greater artistic picture we present. Politics of any kind we find boring, monotonous and totally lacking in importance. We a re against all forms of mass control, censorship, mindless conformism, economic and banking exploitation (which is the root of all politics) Our vision of human potential goes much higher than the restrictions of social and political issues can ever hope to contain. Our only social concern is for the welfare of the environment, threatened by capitalist corporations. The world of money, politics, ideology seems meaningless and empty to us, compared to the disastrous environmental situation our planet is in, as well as the endangerment and extinction of millions of animal species by a truly destructive humanity. We consider ourselves artists first and foremost, and refuse the glib name-calling and rumor-mongering the so-called ‘media’ has used to sell magazines at our expense.  RW, June 1991″

Radio Werewolf Gymnastic Records Press Release citing Open Statement, 1991.