Coming Out Announcement… A Public Statement from Zeena and Nikolas

No – sorry, but no – not *that* kind of coming out. 🙂
Lend us your ear, and eyes, and read on below after gallery of photos..


We’ve both always held the conviction that the public is not owed anything from artists, musicians, authors and other public figures other than their work. Even in this age of social media oversharing, we don’t publicly discuss our private lives in great detail. However, due to several recent, obtrusive misunderstandings, it‘s necessary to share that in 2015, after having been separated since 2007, we agreed to amicably divorce.

Since then, we’ve remained on friendly terms and spiritual allies. But because most exes display hostility toward each other as a primitive, dualistic way to signal renewed availability to others, we realize our non-antagonism and continued friendship necessitates this more public clarification.

When we first married, in 1988, we considered it a purely a private matter, just between us; a creative and spiritual union which was not bound by conventional standards of matrimony. The actual marriage only became publicly known gradually, months after our private ceremony. So it should come as no surprise that, similarly, we dealt with its dissolution privately, with dignity, rather than making a public spectacle.

In recent years, our closest friends knew of our changed marital status (and, yes, despite those who’ve attempted to reduce our relationship to mere “dates” or “boyfriend/girlfriend” status, in fact we were *legally* married for 27 years). We should have made this clear sooner but we are only human and needed time to work through everything in the most compassionate way.

So, kids, there is no drama or soap opera involved, nor any need for boo-hooing. We appreciate your respecting that this will be our only public comment of clarification on what remains private transitions into new phases of two separate lives.

Omnia Vincit Amor

Om Mani Padme Hum

    – Zeena & Nikolas Schreck

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