New Patreon Page for Nikolas Schreck

Since the beginning of my career as a singer, composer, author, film-maker and for most of this century, a practitioner/teacher of Tantric Buddhism, my work set out to raise awareness on hidden facets of reality while exploring taboo subjects beyond the pale of socially conventional thought. The antinomian nature of my music, books and films has meant that their production and manufacture has always required the support of a few maverick companies outside the mainstream who were bold enough to support creations that challenge and transgress the limits of the musical and literary status quo and the official narratives that inform them. With the gradual collapse of the ”alternative” cultural infrastructure, it is now necessary to turn to those of you who have supported my work over the years to ask for your direct participation in funding the pragmatic requirements of recording, publishing, film-making and intensive first-hand research for the many projects I am currently working on.

To that end, my team and I have created this Patreon account as a place to interact with Fans & Supporters on a more personal level than I have previously been able to with other social media platforms.  I invite you to enjoy frequent video messages, upcoming releases, early behind the scenes views of upcoming music, books and videos, and much more exclusive content, sometimes drawing on my extensive archive. Covering my nefarious activities from their earliest inception to tomorrow, this forum will allow you access to the full spectrum of my musical work from Radio Werewolf, Kingdom of Heaven, Skull Kulture, to my current recordings and performances as a solo artist, providing insights into my books in the past and future, and covering my work in film and theater.  Through this forum, I hope to build a community whose patronage of the arts can transcend the timid and squeamish sensibilities of our time. With gratitude for your support in the past, and with hopes for many fruitful co-creations to come, in the words of Bram Stoker some of you will recognize: ”Welcome to my house! Enter freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring.” – NS

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