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New on The Nikolas Schreck Channel: NS Interviewed on TLB Radio

If you missed NIKOLAS SCHRECK’s recent surprise appearance discussing his coming down fast MANSON FILE updated edition on The Tate LaBianca Radio Program we’ve uploaded it for your listening pleasure at

Nikolas Schreck (Official)'s photo.

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New Nikolas Schreck Interview on Tate LaBianca Radio


On Sunday PuTTY download , June 7, NIKOLAS SCHRECK was BRIAN DAVIS’s special surprise guest on the Tate LaBianca Radio Show 4 year anniversary season finale broadcast. Many mysterious Mansonian matters were discussed. You can listen to the full program here: Due to the time zone gap, the interview was pre-recorded on Saturday night, June 6 – at approximately the same time a certain Vincent T. Bugliosi was making his exit from this world. As Brian wrote to Nikolas after their conversation: “Bugs actually passed away on Saturday night which means you are giving a rare interview about TLB at the same time Bugs is actually departing this life. Somewhere during the time we were talking in that realm he was in transition. That is so weird … Also, for some reason that night I chose to end the show by going back to what caused all this real confusion…I started at the beginning and read from HELTER SKELTER until the music bed faded out….then Bugs dies.”tlb interview 2015

MANSON FILINGS: Reblog from TLB Radio


Photo Source:
April 30, 2015
Brian Davis – TLB Radio

One reason why I support Nikolas Schreck’s book so much is long before his great TLB bible called The Manson File – Myth And Reality Of An Outlaw Shaman (and I am not even going to plug the book here with a link because it’s that damn good and doesn’t need it) I began going down the drug burn theory road and Schreck’s book and other information helped keep me as sane as possible along the way by confirming what I was finding from police reports and official documents.

While I am always open to any logical theory I lean to the drug burn because where there’s smoke there’s usually fire.

Here is some of the smoke I see from my own discoveries.

UNDER DRUG BURN THEORY: Some Facts and Factors

Voytek Frykowski – drugs

Jay Sebring – drugs

Joel Rostau – Drug dealer – Mafia connected

Charlene (Karleen) McCaffery – Sebring receptionist/assistant…Rostau girlfriend.

Lets start with the possibility that drugs were being dealt out of Cielo:

FBI Report says a shipment of “household goods” left England bound for LA and was
consigned to Voytek (and Roman).

This shipment was also suspected of containing drugs and US Customs was advised.
Source: FBI Report



The Second Tate Homicide report has McCaffery informing police that Rostau was at Cielo
the day of the murders delivering drugs.

(Click To Enlarge)

Source: Second Tate Homicide Report

Right there are two pieces of seemingly solid evidence of drug dealing going out of Cielo.