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Nikolas Schreck’s Sonic Magic Lecture in Leipzig WGT 2017: A Photo Gallery

Pictures speak louder than words in conveying Nikolas’s 3 June 2017 lecture on Sonic Magic, held at Leipzig’s Black Whitsun event in conjunction with his WGT concert. If you were there that afternoon, you may well find yourself immortalized below. Thanks to Heathen Rae, Monopol Gallery, Ronny Light, Laetitia Mantis and the others who contributed photos to this gallery.   CLICK on photo to see larger image, – ADMIN NSHQ


A moment of silence commences the teaching.



The Black Whitsun event also featured a 3-D recreation of a cemetery scene of German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich created by Dresden artist Vinsterwan.

Nikolas Schreck & event photographer Ronny Light
Drummer and percussionist Heathen Rae & Nikolas Schreck
Drummer and percussionist Heathen Rae & Nikolas Schreck
Keyboardist extraordinaire FTDrop inspects the graveyard.
Nikolas Schreck & artist Laetitia Mantis (Atelier Abraxas)


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Nikolas Schreck Lecture on Sonic Magic at WGT Leipzig

We are very pleased to announce that on the day after his Friday June 2 concert at WGT Leipzig, Nikolas Schreck will be part of the BLACK WHITSUN https://www.black-whitsun.com/deutsch-1/programm/samstag-03-06-2017/event in Leipzig with a lecture about Sonic Magic. Make sure to visit us at WGT Saturday, 3 June, 2pm at the MONOPOL Leipzig, Haferkornstr. 15.
After his talk, there will be also the possibility to buy some merch and have it autographed by Nikolas.

Sonic Magic In Theory & Praxis
A Lecture on Music and Magic

Acclaimed by Evolver magazine as “schon zu Lebzeiten eine Legende”, the American singer-songwriter, author and film-maker Nikolas Schreck’s initiatory application of music, ritual and theater formally began in 1984 when he returned to the West from a life-changing spiritual pilgrimage in Egypt to found the shapeshifting musical ensemble Radio Werewolf, a nine-year sonic magic operation which concluded in 1993. After pioneering early Los Angeles Gothic and deathrock with the band’s first incarnation, Radio Werewolf’s European phase was hailed by Christopher Walton of the band Endura for “simultaneously pre-empting and giving birth to the dark-ambient and ritual-industrial scene of the 1990’s.” Before embarking on his current solo career, Schreck has previously collaborated musically with Zeena, John Murphy, Death in June, Non, Kingdom of Heaven and Sir Christopher Lee, whose first album he produced. In this exclusive teaching held in conjunction with his concert at WGT, Nikolas will speak on the mystical art of applying ritual magic, consciousness alteration and spiritual initiation to music.

Music has always played an important part in the world’s magical and mystical traditions. The lost legacies of the Bard, the Troubadour and the Shaman were based on the sacred power of the vibrations of song to transform, ennoble, and heal consciousness. In this teaching, Nikolas Schreck draws on over 30 years of experience as a sonic magician to offer you practical instruction in methods and skills designed to empower your own musical creations with spiritual depth and power, while also illuminating the function of sonic magic for the listener. Participants will be taught how to apply techniques integrating the process of spiritual development into all aspects of music as an initiatory medium. Special concerns of both advanced and beginner musician-initiates, such as inspiration, live performance, stage presence, stamina, and establishing the discipline to complete projects is provided from an initiatory perspective. The techniques Nikolas teaches in this course enable musicians and practitioners from any background to enhance their work with new spiritual significance and expand the consciousness of both creator and listener. https://www.black-whitsun.com/deutsch-1/programm/text-nikolas-schreck-deutsch/