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Nikolas Schreck Interviewed on His Adventures in Horrorwood by Parallax Views

Ep. 36: Nikolas Schreck on His Adventures in Horrorwood

September 26, 2018

Radio Werewolf in the 80’s black comedy Mortuary Academy

On this edition of Parallax Views we continue the conversation with Nikolas Schreck from Ep. 35. In this portion of the conversation we delve into Nikolas’ adventures in Hollywood, or perhaps more accurately his adventures in Horrorwood!

We begin by discussing Radio Werewolf, the infamous L.A. goth band that Nikolas spearheaded as a lead vocalist. Nikolas explains both the both the controversial and sardonic aspects of the band, the misconceptions around Radio Werewolf, and the band’s appearance in the 80’s cult black comedy Mortuary Academy starring Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov.

From there we delve into Nikolas’ many experiences with Hollywood’s horror icons including Barbara Steele, the Dracula Society’s Donald A. Reed, Bongo Wolf, Vincent Price, and others. We take special care to delve into Nikolas’ relationship with the underrated filmmaker Curtis Harrington, whose arthouse horror Night Tide starring Dennis Hopper comes highly recommended by both Nikolas and Parallax Views, and Sir Christopher Lee of Hammer’s Dracula franchise, both of whom Nikolas collaborated with professionally.

Sir Christopher Lee with Zeena and Nikolas Schreck

A Child of the Lovecraft Generation Speaks: A Conversation With Nikolas Schreck

March 2015 Interview by Martin of Fra Sortsand

A lot of quite, shall we say colourful, material is floating around the Internet about you. Thus before we begin, you should perhaps in your own words give us a brief introduction to the path which has led to your current status as artist and teacher.


If “colourful” is Danish for “bullshit”, then yes, there’s plenty of that floating around the Misinformation Highway’s cesspool. Just today, I learned from a Canadian anti-Illuminati blog that the sonic magic class I recently taught in Berlin somehow proves that the CIA mind control program MK ULTRA covertly took over America! Luckily, more accurate data abounds in several recent comprehensive interviews archived on my website, YouTube channel and Facebook page. I’ve obliged many other interviewers with short introductions on how my initiatory journey led from paganism, Devil Worship, and ceremonial magic to my current practice and teaching of Tantric Buddhism. But I’ve concluded that it’s impossible and even irresponsible to try to briefly convey the reality of mysticism, magic and metaphysics to those who’ve never dedicated themselves to any daily spiritual practice nor undergone a mystical experience. As all ancient wisdom traditions insist, the mysteries of the sacred can’t be understood intellectually on a theoretical basis. Since your blog’s dedicated to horror literature, this communication challenge is even trickier.

Nikolas Shreck i dag

Many of your readers’ only exposure to the spiritual world may come through pop culture treatment of the supernatural, which provides a grossly distorted idea of the real thing. It suffices to say here that the gods and demons of various pantheons played a decisive role in my life since childhood, and that under the influence of the 1960s black magical revival, including the surge of interest in Satanic sorcery the horror boom of that period ignited, I dedicated myself to decades of ceremonial magic practice before abandoning Western occultism, first for the Hindu-based Tantric Vama Marga, before formally converting to Tantric Buddhism.

Given that the horror genre’s stock in trade is magic, demons, the survival of ancient gods, spells, curses, possession, life after death and reincarnation – the core themes of my everyday existence – I’ve always found it a paradox that so many horror authors and their readers are atheist materialists for whom these timeless phenomena are merely antiquated superstitions suited for escapist entertainment. Conversely, many gullible occultists wrongly believe that such genre figures as Lovecraft and his ilk revealed genuine initiatory wisdom in their fiction. Because I’ve dwelt in both worlds, perhaps I can help bridge this gap.

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Danish Horror site Fra Sortsand interviews Nikolas on his books, growing up during the 60s Magic and Monsters Craze, the influence of “Weird Tales” magazine on his work, the negative effect of HP Lovecraft on occultism & much more! Interview in English after Danish intro:

Lovecraft Generation